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Welcome to the Whirlaway Lounge – Logan Square’s cherished social drinking establishment for over 40 years. Our story began in 1980 when the Jaimes family took the reins and transformed this place into a welcoming oasis for all.

It all started with a legendary tale – the original owner’s courageous bet on an underdog horse that defied the odds and emerged as a triple crown champion. Inspired by this triumphant moment, the bar was christened Whirlaway, a nod to the horse that brought about its creation.

In 1980, Sergio Jaimes stepped in, seizing the opportunity to lead the Whirlaway into a new era in Logan Square. Since then, the Jaimes family has proudly owned and operated the Whirlaway Lounge, infusing it with their warmth and charm.

Over the years, our establishment has become a hub for comfort, camaraderie, and community. With every drink poured and every conversation shared, we continue to build upon the legacy of togetherness and joy that has defined us for over four decades.

At Whirlaway Lounge, we take pride in offering you a place to unwind, make memories, and be part of our extended family. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we remain committed to providing you with an exceptional experience, just as we have done for generations.

Thank you for being part of our story, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Whirlaway Lounge, where cherished moments are made and cherished friendships are formed.

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Discover the rich history of the Whirlaway Lounge, a beloved social drinking establishment in Logan Square for over 40 years. Learn how the Jaimes family transformed this bar into a welcoming oasis for all since 1980.


Dive into the legendary tale that inspired our name – the original owner's courageous bet on an underdog horse that became a triple crown champion, leading to the christening of Whirlaway.


Meet the Jaimes family, who have proudly owned and operated the Whirlaway Lounge since 1980. Experience the warmth and charm they have infused into every aspect of our establishment.

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